DOE-STD-1189-2016, Integration of Safety into the Design Process

Functional areas: Safety Design, Nuclear Safety Management, Hazard Category
This Standard specifies the requirements and responsibilities for project management, engineering/design, and safety analysis, and their interactions essential for successful integration of safety into design and construction. The Standard also specifies the engineering and design process, as well as key interfaces required for the integration of safety into design.

DOE-STD-1189-2016.pdf -- PDF Document, 1.71 MB
  • Construction
  • Hazard/Accident Analysis
ID: DOE-STD-1189-2016
Type: Standard
Senior Line Manager: Smith, Garrett
Senior Line Manager Org: EH-30
OPI: EHSS - Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
Preparing Activity: Pranab Guha
Status: Current
Status comments: Supersedes DOE-STD-1189-2008
Approved Date: Dec 22, 2016
Last Update: Dec 22, 2016
DNFSB Interest: Yes
Invoked Standard: Yes