DOE-STD-1189-2008, Integration of Safety Into the Design Process

Functional areas: Safety, Integrated Project Team, Project Execution Plan, Tailoring Strategy, Risk Management, Documented Safety Analysis
The Standard is written primarily for the use of the contractor(s) responsible for the design of a new facility. The processes described in the Standard, in addition to facilitating the integration of safety into design by the contractor, result in the development of several documents for input to the federal project team, the Federal Project Director and his Integrated Project Team (IPT). Superseded by DOE-STD-1189-2016.

doe-std-1189-2008.pdf -- PDF Document, 977 KB
    ID: DOE-STD-1189-2008
    Type: Standard
    Senior Line Manager: James O'Brien
    Senior Line Manager Org: Not Provided
    OPI: HS - Office of Health, Safety and Security
    Preparing Activity: Pranab Guha
    Status: Archive
    Status comments: Superseded by DOE-STD-1189-2016.
    Approved Date: Mar 31, 2008
    Last Update: Dec 22, 2016
    DNFSB Interest: No
    Invoked Standard: Yes