Technical Standards Help

All DOE Technical Standards are available through this site. While it may seem overwhelming, given the number of documents, we have provided a number of ways in which you may get to the information you need.

Navigating the DOE Technical Standards Portal


 Tools for Technical Standards Portal  Tools

The links at the top of the page will take you to the major elements of the site. The toolbar at the right includes links to related resources. In order from the top are links to:

  • RevCom, the online review, comment, and approval system for draft Technical Standards. You can sign in here to review documents.
  • TSM Resources, which include a current list of technical standards managers (TSMs) and a list of their responsibilities.
  • Technical Standards Tools, useful material for the preparing activities (PAs), TSMs and subject matter experts (SMEs), including how technical standards are processed and collection of templates for document development.
  • References that link users to Directives and NNSA supplemental documents, DOE forms,  and other useful information.
  • Technical standard procedures.
  • Reports that are used in the Technical Standards Program.
  • Help where you can find information about searching portal content and review FAQs.


IE8 CompabilityIE8 Compatibility

The Portal supports a variety of popular browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome). However, IE8.X users should note that the hyperlinks do not function in the document history details graphic (the Show All button under the History tab for a Technical Standard). In other browsers, the graphic includes hyperlinks to the previous versions of the Technical Standard. To find the version of IE that you are using, go to the Help menu and choose About Internet Explorer.


Browse Browse by Technical Standards Status (Current, Archives, Draft)

In the Technical Standards section select a collection where you wish to search.


Search Search

The search box is in the upper right corner anywhere on the site. Use quotation marks and the AND and OR operators to make your search more restrictive. When searching for a directive number omit the use of dashes in your search. Instead of a dash insert a space. Use advanced search when you have specific criteria.


Advanced Search Advanced Search

Click on Advanced Search when you have specifics for your inquiry:

You can narrow or expand your search based on the criteria you select from the options available. You can choose more than one in the selections.

  • Select Document Status collection (current, archive).
  • Select Organization you which to search
  • Select Document Type
  • Enter text of interest (use AND/OR to combine multiple words)
  • Enter Document title
  • Enter all or part of a document number
  • Enter dates to limit your search to a specific time period
  • Select an office of primary interest (OPI) to find all documents produced by that organization


Faceted Search Faceted Search

 Faceted search/navigation/browsing (at left of document listing) allows you to set limits on the list that is being displayed. You will be "filtering" the list.

  • Chose one or more of the Document Types (Standard, Handbook, Functional Area Qualification Standard, Specification, Project Justification Statement, or Reaffirmation Memo)
  • You can select a standard number series. When you choose a series, the list includes only that number series
  • Narrow your list by Issue Date within a specific time period
  • You can narrow your search by choosing one or more Subjects
  • Or you can limit the list to documents produced by a particular office (OPI)


Email Notification Email Notification

You can subscribe/unsubscribe to email notification about new technical standards, draft technical standards, project justification statements posted to the portal. Follow the steps below to set up your automatic email subscriptions

  • On the Home Page, select Email Alerts (in the News & Updates list at lower left)
  • Enter your name
  • Enter your email address
  • Chose one or all of the three options under Subscribe if you would prefer not to receive notifications any longer select the option that you would like to  Unsubscribe from and submit the form.


Help Help

If you cannot find what you're looking for, please contact us. We are always open to suggestions on making the portal better and easier to use. If you have ideas, please let us know.