DOE-STD-1020-2016, Natural Phenomena Hazards Analysis and Design Criteria for DOE Facilities

Functional areas: Natural Phenomena, Analysis, Design Criteria, Facility Safety
Department of Energy (DOE) Standard (STD) 1020-2016 has three purposes: (1) Provide criteria and guidance for meeting the natural phenomena hazard (NPH) requirements of DOE Order (O) 420.1C, Chg. 1, Facility Safety; (2) Ensure that structures, systems, and components (SSCs) in DOE facilities will perform assigned safety functions during and after design basis NPH events; and (3) Provide requirements and guidance in the use of industry building codes and voluntary consensus standards in meeting NPH requirements. The purposes of this revision of DOE-STD-1020-2012 are to: (1) Correct errors and omissions; (2) Accommodate substantial changes in DOE-STD-1189-2016, Integration of Safety into the Design Process, and DOE Order 420.1C, Chg. 1; (3) Endorse the use of International Building Code (IBC)-2015 for certain NPH-related situations; and (4) Update the Standard’s reliance on industry standards and voluntary consensus codes.

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  • Emergency Management and Planning
  • Environment
  • Facility Management
  • Safety
ID: DOE-STD-1020-2016
Type: Standard
Senior Line Manager: Smith, Garrett
Senior Line Manager Org: EH-30
OPI: EHSS - Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
Preparing Activity: Sharon Jasim-Hanif
Status: Current
Status comments: Supersedes DOE-STD-1020-2012
Approved Date: Dec 04, 2016
Last Update: Dec 04, 2016
DNFSB Interest: Yes
Invoked Standard: Yes
Natural Phenomena Hazards Analysis and Design Criteria for DOE Facilities
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