DOE-HDBK-1220-2017, Natural Phenomena Hazards Analysis and Design Handbook for DOE Facilities

Functional areas: Natural Phenomena Hazards Analysis, Design Criteria, Phenomena Hazard Mitigation
This handbook is a companion document to DOE-STD-1020-2016, Natural Phenomena Hazard Analysis and Design Criteria (referred to hereafter as "the Standard"). It identifies good practices that can be used to meet the Standard's requirements and guidance; it also offers general technical advice on topics related to natural phenomena hazard (NPH) mitigation.The handbook provides clarification of the rationale for some provisions in the Standard and cites references to assist all DOE components and their contractors in applying the Standard. With respect to the Standard's requirement statements, the handbook should be viewed as an implementation aid, not as an interpretation of the requirements.

DOE-HDBK-1220-2017.pdf -- PDF Document, 1.82 MB
    ID: DOE-HDBK-1220-2017
    Type: Handbook
    Senior Line Manager: Smith, Garrett
    Senior Line Manager Org: AU-30
    OPI: AU - Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
    Preparing Activity: Sharon Jasim-Hanif
    Status: Current
    Approved Date: Aug 17, 2017
    Last Update: Aug 17, 2017
    DNFSB Interest: Yes
    Invoked Standard: Yes