Types of Technical Standards

DOE Technical Standards documents, based on function and expected use, include:DOE Standards and Functional Area Qualification Standards

  • DOE Standards are used to provide information on how to accomplish a task, develop a plan, format a document, describe a program, etc. DOE Standards, in general, are expected to be developed to meet the needs of multiple DOE programs and projects; as such, these documents will normally be coordinated with all TSP participants (through their designated TSM).

An important subset of DOE Standards is the Functional Area Qualification Standards (DOE-STD-FAQS) that are called for in DOE O 426.1 Chg 1, Federal Technical Capability. As these are applicable only to the DOE Federal workforce, their review and approval is coordinated only with the Federal organizationsDOE Handbooks

  • DOE Handbooks are used to provide general information on a variety of subjects (e.g., good practices and lessons learned; technical training fundamentals; basic science, engineering, and mathematics; etc.). DOE Handbooks may not include requirements statements.DOE Specifications
  • DOE Specifications are prepared specifically to support repetitive acquisitions of products or items. These documents clearly describe essential technical requirements for purchasing material. The documents also provide receipt inspection criteria to determine that the material covered by the specification meets the need. DOE Specifications are coordinated in the same manner as DOE Standards (see DOE-TSPP-5-2013) and have provisions for limited use