DOE-HDBK-6004-99, Supplementary Guidance and Design Experience for the Fusion Safety Standards DOE-STD-6002-96 and DOE-STD-6003-96

Functional areas: Fusion Facilities, Administrative Procedures
Two standards have been developed that pertain to the safety fusion facilities. These are DOE-STD-6002-96, Safety of Magnetic Fusion Facilities: Requirements, and DOE-STD-6003-96, Safety of Magnetic Fusion Facilities: Guidance. The first of these standards identifies requirements that subscribers to that standard must meet to achieve safety in fusion facilities. The second standard contains guidance to assist in meeting the requirements identified in the first. This handbook provides additional documentation on good operators of previous fusion facilities and related systems. It is intended to capture the experience gained in the various fields and pass it on to designers or future fusion facilities as a means of enhancing success and safety.

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  • Hazard/Accident Analysis
  • Management/Administration
  • Radiation Protection
  • Safety
ID: DOE-HDBK-6004-99
Type: Handbook
Senior Line Manager: Nardella, Gene
Senior Line Manager Org: SC-24
OPI: SC - Office of Science
Preparing Activity: Michael Epps
Status: Current
Approved Date: Nov 11, 1999
Last Update: Nov 11, 1999
DNFSB Interest: No
Invoked Standard: No
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