DOE-STD-6003-96, Safety of Magnetic Fusion Facilities: Guidance

Functional areas: Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), Safety, Guidance, Fusion
This document provides guidance for the implementation of the requirements identified in DOE-STD-6002-96, Safety of Magnetic Fusion Facilities: Requirements. This guidance is intended for the managers, designers, operators, and other personnel with safety responsibilities for facilities designated as magnetic fusion facilities. While the requirements in DOE-STD-6002-96 are generally applicable to a wide range of fusion facilities, this Standard, DOE-STD-6003-96, is concerned mainly with the implementation of those requirements in large facilities such as the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).

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  • Facility Management
  • Management/Administration
  • Program Management/Quality
  • Radiation Protection
  • Safety
ID: DOE-STD-6003-96
Type: Standard
Senior Line Manager: Nardella, Gene
Senior Line Manager Org: SC-24
OPI: SC - Office of Science
Preparing Activity: Barry Sullivan
Status: Current
Approved Date: May 23, 1996
Last Update: May 23, 1996
DNFSB Interest: No
Invoked Standard: No
There are no Directives invoking this standard.
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