DOE-HDBK-1122-2009 Chg Notice 2, Radiological Control Technician Training (Part 3 of 9)

Functional areas: Radiological Control Technician, Instructors Guide, Radiological Control
This Handbook describes an implementation process for core training as recommended in chapter 14 to Implementation Guide G441.1-1C , Radiation Protection Programs for Use with Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 835, Occupational Radiation Protection, and as outlined in the DOE standard, Radiological Control (RCS). The Handbook is meant to assist those individuals within the Department of Energy, Managing and Operating contractors, and Managing and Integrating contractors identified as having responsibility for implementing core training recommended by the RCS

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ID: DOE-HDBK-1122-2009 Chg Notice 2
Type: Handbook
Senior Line Manager: Worthington, Patricia
Senior Line Manager Org: AU-10
OPI: AU - Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
Preparing Activity: John Blaikie
Status: Current
Approved Date: Mar 11, 2009
DNFSB Interest: No
Invoked Standard: No