DOE-STD-1120-2005 Volume 2, Integration of Environment, Safety, and Health Into Facility Disposition Activities, Volume 2 - Appendices

Functional areas: Integration, Environment, Safety and Health, Disposition Activities
This volume contains the appendices that provide additional environment, safety and health (ES&H) information to complement Volume 1 of this Standard. Volume 2 of the Standard is much broader in scope than Volume 1 and satisfies several purposes. Integrated safety management expectations are provided in accordance with facility disposition requirements contained in DOE O 430.1B, Real Property Asset Management. Additionally, the collection of appendices in Volume 2 provides guidance that supplements various safety basis practices described in Volume 1. Since Volume 2 has a broader focus than safety basis requirements, it applies to all phases of facility disposition (i.e., facility deactivation, surveillance and maintenance, and decommissioning). Superseded by DOE-STD-1120-2016, dated 3-15-2016.

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Project Number SAFT-0060

    ID: DOE-STD-1120-2005 Volume 2
    Type: Standard
    Senior Line Manager: Technical Standards Program
    Senior Line Manager Org: Not Provided
    OPI: EH - Office of Environment, Safety and Health
    Preparing Activity: Technical Standards Program
    Status: Archive
    Status comments: Replaced by DOE-STD-1120-2016
    Approved Date: Apr 13, 2005
    Last Update: Mar 15, 2016
    DNFSB Interest: Yes
    Invoked Standard: No
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