RevCom: New PJS to Revise DOE-STD-1628-20XX, Development of Probabilistic Risk Assessments for Nuclear Safety Applications

The revision to the Standard will incorporate changes to referenced PRA methodology as well as DOE site feedback received on lessons learned from implementation and use of this Standard since the 2013 version. Much of the PRA guidance produced by ANS and the IAEA has been revised since the standard was published in 2013. This revision will update references throughout the standard to the current versions, ensuring that DOE facilities that employ PRA are using the most up-to-date methodologies. Additionally, the revision will provide clarification on the recommended uses of PRA, its ties to DOE-STD-3009-2014, its interfaces with DOE-STD-1189-2016, and configuration management of the PRA through the USQ process where it is a component of the DSA.

Response to the PJS question must be submitted through RevCom for Technical Standards.