DOE-STD-3026-99, Filter Test Facility Quality Program Plan

Functional areas: HEPA, Filter Testing, Facility Quality Program
This standard was developed primarily for application in U.S. Department of Energy programs. It contains specific direction for HEPA filter testing performed at a DOE-accepted HEPA Filter Test Facility (FTF). Canceled by DOE-STD-3025-2007.

doe-std-3026-99.pdf -- PDF Document, 54 KB

Project Number 4460-0006. Supersedes DOE NE F 3-44.

    ID: DOE-STD-3026-99
    Type: Standard
    Senior Line Manager: Technical Standards Program
    Senior Line Manager Org: Not Provided
    OPI: EM - Office of Environmental Management
    Preparing Activity: Technical Standards Program
    Status: Archive
    Status comments: Canceled by DOE-STD-3025-2007.
    Approved Date: Feb 24, 2009
    Last Update: Feb 12, 2007
    DNFSB Interest: No
    Invoked Standard: No
    Reason Canceled: In 2005 DOE privatized its quality assurance inspection and testing of HEPA filters and now contracts for these services. DOE no longer owns and operates a HEPA filter testing facility. The Standards working group reviewed the subject standard and determined that: DOE-STD-3026-99 addresses the requirements to be included in an FTF quality program plan which are now covered in DOE-STD-3025-2007 under the quality assurance program, with reference to ASME NQA-1, Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications and DOE 414.1C, Quality Assurance.
    There are no Directives invoking this standard.
    There are no Directives referencing this standard.