DOE-STD-1217-2020, Safeguards and Security Survey and Self-Assessment Planning, Conduct, and Reporting

This document provides the Department of Energy (DOE) with a standard methodology for adapting the Department’s requirements to conduct and report Safeguards and Security (S&S) surveys and self-assessments to organization-specific needs in a coherent, consistent, and repeatable fashion. It describes a consistent and acceptable approach to planning, conducting, and reporting the results for S&S surveys and self-assessments. Appendix A, Safeguards and Security (S&S) Survey and Self-Assessment Toolkit, provides guidance and useful templates for planning, conducting, and reporting surveys and self-assessments.

DOE-STD-1217-2020.pdf -- PDF Document, 4.01 MB
  • Assessments
  • Environment
  • Radiation Protection
  • Reporting
ID: DOE-STD-1217-2020
Type: Standard
Senior Line Manager: Callahan, Sam
Senior Line Manager Org: AU-50
OPI: AU - Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
Preparing Activity: Gary White
Status: Current
Approved Date: Feb 20, 2020
Last Update: Feb 20, 2020
DNFSB Interest: No
Invoked Standard: No
There are no Directives invoking this standard.
There are no Directives referencing this standard.