DOE-STD-1167-2003, The Department of Energy Respiratory Acceptance Program for Supplied-Air Suits

Functional areas: Respiratory Acceptance Policy, Supplied-air Suits, Respirator Program
The purpose of this technical standard is to provide guidance for (a) establishing procedures for administering the ERAP, (b) prescribing test methods for evaluating the performance of supplied-air suits, and (c) specifying minimum performance standards for these suits. Reaffirmed September 11, 2018.

doe-std-1167-2003.pdf -- PDF Document, 446 KB
    ID: DOE-STD-1167-2003
    Type: Standard
    Senior Line Manager: Worthington, Patricia
    Senior Line Manager Org: AU-10
    OPI: AU - Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
    Preparing Activity: Robert Czincila
    Status: Archive
    Approved Date: Feb 04, 2004
    Last Update: Sep 11, 2018
    DNFSB Interest: Yes
    Invoked Standard: No