DOE-HDBK-1163-2020, Integration of Hazard Analyses

Functional areas: Hazard Analysis, Radiological, Environmental, Emergency Preparedness
The handbook incorporates best practices and lessons learned from performing and integrating hazard analysis at various DOE facilities since initial issuance in 2003. This revised handbook is intended to support mission success by describing best practices in hazard analysis that apply to less-than-hazard-category 3 (Less than HC-3) nuclear facilities, chemical facilities, industrial facilities, and other facilities at DOE sites across the country.

DOE-HDBK-1163-2020.pdf -- PDF Document, 1476 KB
  • Chemistry/Chemicals
  • Emergency Management and Planning
  • Hazard/Accident Analysis
ID: DOE-HDBK-1163-2020
Type: Handbook
Senior Line Manager: Dressman, Kevin
Senior Line Manager Org: EH-10
OPI: EHSS - Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
Preparing Activity: Steve Singal
Status: Current
Approved Date: Oct 22, 2020
Last Update: Oct 22, 2020
DNFSB Interest: Yes
Invoked Standard: No