DOE-HDBK-1122-99 Module 2.13, Fundamental Academic Training Instructor's Guide Phase I; Module 2.13, Radiological Incidents and Emergencies

Functional areas: Radiological Training, Technician Training, Instructor's Guide, Radiological Incidents, Emergencies
State that most people have an attitude that "it can't happen here" and don't take incident response planning seriously. Explain that incidents do occur, and experience has shown that best response comes from workers who have prepared themselves with a plan for dealing with incidents. Relate to a car skidding on ice. If the driver has thought about corrective actions for skidding, he will be less likely to panic. State that no plan can give an exact solution to every problem, but that a step-by-step approach to responding to any problem can be used.

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ID: DOE-HDBK-1122-99 Module 2.13
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