DOE-STD-1073-2016, Configuration Management

Functional areas: Configuration Management, Supplementary Guidance, Hazard Category
This Standard provides the criteria and objectives for developing a configuration management (CM) process for design, construction, operation, and post-operation of a DOE facility or activity. It also includes examples and methods for achieving those criteria and objectives. The criteria and objectives presented in this Standard are based on industry practice and CM experience at DOE facilities.

DOE-STD-1073-2016.pdf -- PDF Document, 706 KB
  • Construction
  • Hazard/Accident Analysis
  • Management/Administration
ID: DOE-STD-1073-2016
Type: Standard
Senior Line Manager: Smith, Garrett
Senior Line Manager Org: EH-30
OPI: EHSS - Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
Preparing Activity: Christopher Beaman
Status: Current
Status comments: Supersedes DOE-STD-1073-2003
Approved Date: Dec 23, 2016
Last Update: Dec 23, 2016
DNFSB Interest: Yes
Invoked Standard: Yes
Configuration Management
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