DOE-STD-1063-2021, DOE Standard Facility Representatives

Defines the duties, responsibilities and qualifications for U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Facility Representatives (FRs), based on facility hazard classification; risks to workers, the public, and the environment; and the operational activity level. Provides the guidance necessary to ensure that DOE’s hazardous nuclear and non-nuclear facilities have sufficient staffing of technically qualified FRs to provide day-to-day oversight of contractor operations.

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ID: DOE-STD-1063-2021
Type: Standard
Senior Line Manager: Smith, Garrett
Senior Line Manager Org: EH-30
OPI: EHSS - Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
Preparing Activity: James Heffner
Status: Current
Approved Date: Dec 10, 2021
Last Update: Dec 10, 2021
DNFSB Interest: Yes
Invoked Standard: Yes
DOE Standard Facility Representatives
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