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Configuration Management
The purpose of this standard is to define the objectives of a configuration management process for DOE nuclear facilities (including activities and ... by Technical Standards Program last modified Oct 18, 2017 08:41 AM — filed under: , ,
Preparation of Documented Safety Analysis for Interim Operations at DOE Nuclear Facilities
This Department of Energy (DOE) Standard (STD), DOE-STD-3011-2016, describes a method for preparing a Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) for interim operations ... by Pranab Guha last modified Feb 08, 2018 07:53 AM — filed under: , ,
Integration of Safety into the Design Process
This Standard specifies the requirements and responsibilities for project management, engineering/design, and safety analysis, and their interactions essential ... by Pranab Guha last modified Apr 12, 2018 01:52 PM — filed under: , ,
Configuration Management
This Standard provides the criteria and objectives for developing a configuration management (CM) process for design, construction, operation, and ... by Mary Haughey last modified Apr 12, 2018 11:15 AM — filed under: , ,