DOE-STD-1128-98 Reaffirmation Memo, Reaffirmation with Errata for DOE-STD-1128-98, Guide for Occupational Radiological Protection in Plutonium Facilities

Reaffirmation approved May 7, 2003.

doe-std-1128-98-approvalmemo.pdf -- PDF Document, 40 KB
ID: DOE-STD-1128-98 Reaffirmation Memo
Type: Reaffirmation Memo
Senior Line Manager: Unknown
Senior Line Manager Org: Not Provided
OPI: EH - Office of Environment, Safety and Health
Preparing Activity: Diane Johnson
Status: Archive
Approved Date: May 07, 2003
Last Update: May 07, 2003
DNFSB Interest: No
Invoked Standard: No
There are no Directives invoking this standard.
There are no Directives referencing this standard.