DOE-HDBK-1113-98 Reaffirmation Memo, Reaffirmation with Errata of Department of Energy (DOE) Handbook, DOE-HDBK-1113-98, Radiological Safety Training for Uranium Facilities

In February 2005, a notice of intent to reaffirm with errata DOE-HDBK-1113-98 was sent to the DOE Technical Standards Managers. The notice requested comments regarding the planned reaffirmation of the handbook. No comments were received. With this memorandum and the attached table of changes, DOE-HDBK-1113-98 is considered to be ready for reissuing. The Office of Worker Protection Policy and Programs recommends reissuing the handbook in accordance with the Department’s responsibility under the 5-year “Periodic Document Review” (Sunset Review) provision of the Technical Standards Program Procedures.

reaffirm_2005_04_approval_memorandum.pdf -- PDF Document, 32 KB
    ID: DOE-HDBK-1113-98 Reaffirmation Memo
    Type: Reaffirmation Memo
    Senior Line Manager: Bill McArthur
    Senior Line Manager Org: Not Provided
    OPI: EH - Office of Environment, Safety and Health
    Preparing Activity: Diane Johnson
    Status: Archive
    Approved Date: May 09, 2005
    Last Update: Nov 08, 2016
    DNFSB Interest: No
    Invoked Standard: No
    There are no Directives invoking this standard.
    There are no Directives referencing this standard.