PJS DOE-STD-1187-YR, Project Justification Statement for Proposed Revision to DOE-STD-1187-2007, Beryllium-Associated Worker Registry Data Collection and Management Guidance

To date, revisions have been proposed that were developed through a consensus process by staff operating the BA WR with expert review by data coordinators who report information. Based on feedback from the data coordinators and other staff at the reporting organizations (Site Occupational Medical Directors, medical clinic staff, Industrial Hygiene staff, Beryllium Subject Matter Experts, computer security staff, and others) information on worker confidentiality protection and data analysis and dissemination was expanded; and a new appendix containing a brief history of beryllium use and regulation, and the many methods for beryllium capture and analysis in use today has been proposed.

PJStoReviseDOE-STD-1187.pdf -- PDF Document, 74 KB

The PJS is available for review in RevCom for Technical Standards.

Type: Project Justification Statement
Senior Line Manager: Worthington, Patricia
Senior Line Manager Org: AU-10
OPI: AU - Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
Preparing Activity: Daniela Stricklin
Status: Draft
Approved Date: Feb 11, 2019
Last Update: Feb 11, 2019
DNFSB Interest: No
Invoked Standard: No