RevCom: Proposed New Standard for Canine Explosive Training Aid Management

The use of canines for the purpose of conducting security searches for explosives requires that training and testing programs establish confidence in the reliability of the canine teams to detect a wide variety of explosives. Sites within the DOE/NNSA complex utilize explosive training aids to assist with testing and training to maintain the proficiency of their explosive detection canine teams. Some explosives are easier for canines to detect than others, so it's important to understand if each canine team is capable of detecting the difficult explosives as well as the easy ones. To accomplish this it is essential that the explosives are as pure as feasible, and not cross contaminated . If a training aid for a difficult-to-detect explosive is cross contaminated with an easy-to-detect explosive the canine team may falsely indicate a detection of the difficult explosive during training or testing, when in fact they have only detected the easy explosive. The proposed standard therefore focuses on the handling, storage and transportation of explosive training aid samples such that they do not become cross contaminated, and remain pure for use in training and testing applications.

Formal comments on this standard must be submitted through RevCom for the Technical Standards Program.


Project Justification Statement for Canine Explosive Training Aid Management