RevCom: Project Justification Statement for Revision to DOE-SPEC-1142-2001, Beryllium Lymphocyte Proliferation Testing (BeLPT)

The project will update the specification with new quality assurance measures, instrumentation, and analytic methods. For example, several reagents need to be expanded upon as to concentration, sources available and addition of ones not mentioned in DOE-cSPEC-1142-2001. The Complete Growth Media Preparations should be expanded to conform to different Laboratories methods (IX vs 2X). The List of Equipment needs clarification of requirements, since some instrumentation is outdated and newer technology is currently used. Furthermore, the analysis for outcomes of the test has been changed from Least Absolute Value to Least Squares. Therefore, the project will provide DOE with an updated specification for beryllium testing and document required changes to the testing procedure, ensuring the fidelity of testing guidance provided to the community.