RevCom: PJS to Develop DOE-HDBK-XXXX-YR, Biokinetic and Dosimetric Models Used in DOE-STD-1196-2022 "Derived Concentration Technical Standard"

The new proposed Handbook (HDBK) XXXX-XX, Biokinetic and Dosimetric Models Used in DOE-STD-1196-2022, (202X) will complement DOE-STD-1196-2022, Derived Concentration Technical Standard, December 2022, (DCS from hereon) with the main purpose to present and document the biokinetic and dosimetric models (e.g., Respiratory tract, Alimentary tract) used to calculate the dose coefficients and derived concentration values tabulated within the DCS.

Response to the PJS question must be submitted through RevCom for Technical Standards.