RevCom - DOE-STD-1212-YR, Explosives Safety

DOE-HDBK-3029 provides criteria and guidance for an acceptable approach to meet DOE-STD-1212 requirements for an Explosives Safety Program (ESP). It provides the basic explosives safety technical requirements for operations and activities involving explosives, explosives assemblies, pyrotechnics and propellants, and assemblies containing these materials; and to the safe management of such operations. The handbook also includes all DOE Explosives Safety Committee (ESC) approved proposals. This Handbook should now be subjected to a formal review in accordance with TSP RevCom to ensure all potentially impacted entities have the opportunity for review and comment as part of its finalization. In addition to the standard list of Technical Standard Managers, notification of the availability of this document should be provided to the same all pertinent subject matter experts that receive DOE-STD-1212. The comment period should be 60 days