RevCom - DOE-HDBK-3029-YR, Explosives Safety Handbook

This DOE Explosives Safety Handbook is new. This Handbook contains DOE-developed explanatory material in support of the Explosives Safety Standard DOE-STD- 1212, including explosives safety requirements referenced in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in 10 CFR 851, Worker Safety and Health Program. DOE-HDBK-3029 provides criteria and guidance for an acceptable approach to meet DOESTD-1212 requirements for an Explosives Safety Program (ESP). It provides the basic explosives safety technical requirements for operations and activities involving explosives, explosives assemblies, pyrotechnics and propellants, and assemblies containing these materials; and to the safe management of such operations. The handbook also includes all DOE Explosives Safety Committee (ESC) approved proposals.