Published: DOE-STD-1241-2023, Implementing Release and Clearance of Property Requirements

This Standard provides guidance, consistent with DOE requirements, for implementing the release and clearance of property that may contain residual radioactive material. The guidance is provided for Department and contractor personnel who oversee and perform release and clearance of property that may be contaminated with residual radioactive material and who must determine the disposition of property under the requirements in DOE O 458.1, Chg. 4, Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment (DOE, 2020). This Standard is applicable to decommissioning, deactivation, decontamination, and remedial action of property with the potential for residual radioactive contamination. This Standard, unless invoked by Rule, DOE Directive or contract, is not a requirements document, and shall not modify or otherwise add any contractual or regulatory obligations established in Directives or Rules.