New - DOE-STD-1207-2012 (Reaffirmed October 2018), Protection Program Defensive Planning for Fixed Facilities

This document provides Department of Energy (DOE) field offices and associated facilities/sites with a standard methodology for adapting the Department’s tactical doctrine to site-specific needs in a coherent, consistent, and repeatable fashion. This Technical Standard, while based on time-tested military doctrine and tactics, is not intended to describe all acceptable methods for meeting the requirements of DOE Order (O) 470.3C, Design Basis Threat(DBT), or its successor; DOE O 470.4B, Chg. 2, Safeguards and Security Program, or its successor; and DOE O 473.3A, Protection Program Operations, or its successor, for the protection of nuclear weapons and components or Category I and II special nuclear material (SNM). However, it does describe a consistent and acceptable approach to defensive planning for both new and existing facilities/sites.