New: DOE-STD-1112-2019, Department of Energy Laboratory Accreditation Program for Radiobioassay

This technical standard describes the U.S. Department of Energy Laboratory Accreditation Program (DOELAP) for radiobioassay, in support of worker health and safety. DOELAP accreditation involves performance testing and documentation of program elements important to the long-term quality assurance of a radiobioassay program, and assessment of the program’s ability to accurately perform, record, and report the measurement of radioactive material within the human body and in human biological samples. The information in this technical standard is intended for use by accredited programs, programs seeking accreditation, the Performance Testing Laboratory (PTL), DOELAP Assessors, and subcontracted vendors for implementation of the DOELAP requirements, including the technical and quality assurance aspects of the accredited program.