DOE-STD-3013-YR, Stabilization, Packaging, and Storage of Plutonium-Bearing Material

Technical information that has been gathered during surveillance and shelf-life studies demonstrate that some requirements in the existing revision of the Standard can be removed. For example, the requirement for gas analyses during Destructive Examinations (DEs) can be eliminated. Eliminating this requirement will reduce the annual operating costs by reducing the time needed for collecting the gas samples by approximately two shifts per DE. Six DEs are currently being performed per year. This reduction in time will also allow additional time for downblending and disposal of plutonium, which is performed in the same glovebox. In addition, two shifts of Laboratory time and associated costs will be eliminated per DE for gas analyses as well as two weeks of annual instrument calibrations. Another change to be incorporated is that the maximum expected gas pressure in the containers can be lowered by 75%. This reduction in maximum pressure will greatly simplify opening of containers for both DE and final disposition. It also will reduce the maximum dose calculations used in the facility Documented Safety Analyses (DSA). Incorporating these changes into the Standard will reduce costs associated with surveillance and storage of these containers.

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Type: Standard
Senior Line Manager: Mikolanis, Michael A.
Senior Line Manager Org: Not Provided
OPI: NA - National Nuclear Security Administration
Preparing Activity: Patricia Greeson
Status: Draft
Approved Date: Apr 03, 2018
DNFSB Interest: Yes
Invoked Standard: No
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